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Seasonal Scent Hand Crème

*Wild Rose - pure and fragrant rose scent.  White with pretty pretty pinks!

*Warm Vanilla - Warm, sweet, and snuggly.  Can't go wrong with this. 

*Leather and Lace - leather scent with essential oils of Vetiver and Ylang Ylang.  A mix of masculine and feminine. 

*Snow Much Fun- Bright and sparkly with a fun Orange and cupcake scent 

*Sleigh Ride - fresh and woodsy, imagine you are out on a horse drawn sleigh in the middle of the woods 

*Blueberry - well… smells like blueberry! 

*Cranberry Orange - a little tart, a little sweet

*Rejoice- All Essential Oil Blend of Frankincense, Fir balsam, Fir needle, White Grapefruit

  • Size: 2 oz
  • Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice, avocado butter, emulsifying wax, walnut oil, shea butter, hydrolyzed oats, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, essential oils, extracts of ginger root, garlic bulb, and wasabi root
Seasonal Scent Hand Crème

Seasonal Scent Hand Crème

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