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Seasonal Scent Lip Balms

Bergamot & Mint: yes! It’s back!  Cool and refreshing, sure to perk you up.  An all Essential Oil blend of Bergamot (a citrus), Wintergreen and Spearmint 

Warm Vanilla : It’s staying on from Valentines!  You all couldn’t get enough of this warm snuggly scent.  A phthalate free fragrance.  

Litsea & Sage: Who loves to garden?  This may be perfect for you.  Litsea is an essential oil that smells very much like lemongrass.  It is blended with a sage fragrance for a bit of an earthier edge.  

Happy:  Stressed out at all?  This soap is not only happy colors (and sparkle top!) but is a nice uplifting scent of Sweet Orange Essential Oil blended with a phthalate free cupcake like fragrance.  

Seasonal Scent Lip Balms

Seasonal Scent Lip Balms

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